Advantages Include:

  • Looks very natural
  • Virtually invisible
  • Supports and protects the tooth
  • Protects from future discomfort and infection
  • Preserves tooth structure

Unlike typical fillings, composite resin is a tooth-colored plastic mixture that can actually support your remaining tooth structure, making them a better option than traditional silver or amalgam fillings. While some other materials can potentially cause further damage due to breakage and temperature fluctuation, these fillings will actually work with and protect your teeth.These fillings last just as long as amalgam models. Additionally, compared to silver or amalgam fillings which can alter the shape of your teeth and influence the beauty of your smile, these fillings simply and naturally fill in the part of the tooth which is missing, not changing the shape of your teeth in a noticeable way. Finally, composite fillings are nearly invisible. No one will know that you have had a filling. With the updated technology, SEC Dentistry is able to blend the colors of the composite to match your natural teeth.

What are Caries/Cavities/Decay:

Dental caries, the clinical term for tooth decay or cavities, affects 92% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 reports the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research. This begs the question: If 9 out of 10 adults have tooth decay, why aren’t more of your friends and co-workers complaining about toothaches? You may be surprised to learn that cavities form gradually and usually do not cause any discomfort until they reach a late stage.

Bacteria is found within plaque and then produces acid, especially in the presence of carbohydrate-rich foods.  This acid, in combination with other acids in your mouth, is hard on your teeth.  Just like most materials, your teeth will dissolve in the presence of high levels of acid.  Your teeth can repair themselves if given the opportunity, but only to a point.  Once a hole (cavity) forms, intervention is necessary.  As long as it is in the beginning stages of the process, before such cavitations occur, your tooth can recreate its structure.  This dissolving and recreation of tooth is called demineralization. Signs of demineralization include chalky, white patches on the tooth’s surface. However, without the trained eye of a dentist or hygienist, you probably won’t be able to discern demineralized lesions on your own.

It is inevitable with modern diets that we will have a degree of demineralization.  As long as we give our teeth the opportunity to remineralize, we can avoid dental caries.  In certain situations, this is difficult.  When, for example, we have a dry mouth (xerostomia), acid levels in the mouth rise faster because our saliva is not present to calm the effects of the acids.  Or if you sip on carbonated and/or sugary drinks throughout the day, you are holding the levels of acid high for a long period of time, thereby preventing the chance for your tooth to recover.

Dental caries can be avoided.  Proper dental hygiene may help prevent caries from developing.  This includes cleaning your teeth using a manual or electric toothbrush and dental floss to reach between your teeth.  Being seen regularly  is highly recommended so that when you are found to be at risk or if dental caries have already caused some damage, you can work to fix or prevent significant problems.

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