If you have ever had the crown procedure performed on one or more of your teeth then chances are that you went to your dentist for the initial crown preparation appointment, during which your tooth was numbed, the work was performed on your tooth, an impression was made, and a temporary crown was made. You then went back to your dentist for a second appointment in about 2-3 weeks to receive your permanent crown. During that 3 week period, you had to be very careful about eating on and around your temporary crown, and if you were really unlucky, your temporary crown may have fallen off causing sensitivity and inconvenience until you could see your dentist to have it put back on.

Well…now there is a better way!

Two of our office locations are one of only a handful in the Middle Tennessee area that can make your permanent, all porcelain crown in a single appointment utilizing the CEREC® system. No second appointment! No temporary crown! Imagine not having to have the same tooth numbed a second time! You can eat whatever you want just hours after the appointment, instead of eating a some what restricted diet for 2-3 weeks. The quality of the crown is the same and even better than that of a traditional crown made at a dental laboratory.  Our dentists and assistants have been extensively trained at the Spear Campus in Scottsdale, AZ in CEREC® Mastery  to utilize this amazing technology and have already performed hundreds of cases with tremendous success.

CEREC® is the tradename for an all porcelain computer-designed crowns that are fabricated using CAD/CAM technology.  The Cerec® machine is also known as: Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction. The tooth is shaped and all old filling materials and/or decay are removed. An optical image impression of the tooth is tehn made with a special camera. The crown is precisely designed, cut, shaped and polished from a solid piece of porcelain replicating your original tooth in approximately two hours. There are many different variations of crowns available and we strive to provide you with the best quality at the most reasonable price.


CEREC® restorations are metal-free, so if you have allergies or intolerance to metals as in some jewelry, these restorations will avoid that problem. We highly recommend, as well as recent trends in dentistry, suggest replacing old mercury containing silver fillings with non-metallic materials such as solid porcelain. These materials are also better to the surrounding tissues impression of the tooth is made with a special camera.

If a crown is part of your treatment plan, a SEC Dentist will be happy to determine if an CEREC®  single appointment crown is right for you.

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