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Try these foods to help build strong teeth and healthy gums What you eat affects your mouth not only by building healthier teeth and gums, but also by helping prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Learn how to eat the best diet for your teeth, including the foods to eat, beverages to drink, and what…

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You may think that going to the dentist regularly may only serve to flash your pearly whites and healthy gums. While it is certainly true that regular check ups and cleanings help to promote good oral health by preventing tooth decay and gum disease, the benefits of maintaining oral health reach far beyond your mouth….

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WE KNOW that frequent snacking on processed, sugary foods isn’t kind to the waistline. But what about its effects on your oral health?  As we eat, naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths feed on sugars. This produces acid. When acids aren’t cleared away, they can erode tooth enamel, which leads to tooth decay. Two Snacking…

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