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You may think that going to the dentist regularly may only serve to flash your pearly whites and healthy gums.

While it is certainly true that regular check ups and cleanings help to promote good oral health by preventing tooth decay and gum disease, the benefits of maintaining oral health reach far beyond your mouth.

Marker of the State of your General Health

Your mouth and tongue are external markers of the state of your overall health. Your mouth offers a snaphot into whether you may be suffering from anemia, a vitamin or even a trace element deficiency. A number of viral and bacterial diseases first manifest in the oral cavity. Your mucous membranes and tongue also reveal whether you may be dehydrated and require additional fluids. Your dentist can make an assessment during a general examination.

Screening For Head and Neck Cancer if You Drink or Smoke

A simple screening exam by your dentist can detect lesions in your mouth, neck, and tongue which could be early precancerous areas of further concern. Early detection and treatment could potentially be life-saving. Your dentist can discuss how this important exam can be vital to your health and wellness.

Promotes General Cardiovascular Health/Preventive Health Care

Recent research suggests that poor oral hygeine resulting in plaque buildup and potentially leading to periodontal disease can lead to development of a systemic bacterial infection which could potentially trigger a heart attack or even lead to pneumonia. Regular flossing and check ups to remove plaque buildup on teeth can be potentially lifesaving.

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