In 2018, studies found that most people who made a New Years’ resolution chose to focus on self-care; be it eating healthier, going to the gym, or saving more money. As the self-care industry is still going strong in 2019, the trend of self-care focused resolutions is bound to continue, so why not make getting your teeth whitened one of them? SEC Dentistry believes that investing in your teeth and smile is always a good idea, and the benefits of the whitening can help with other resolutions in surprising ways.

Brighter Teeth = A Healthier You

Getting your teeth whitened can be an incentive to follow through with other goals you have set yourself. While your teeth do naturally change color over time, smoking, drinking caffeinated beverages, and drinking wine all help to accelerate the staining process. Once you have invested in whitening your teeth, you may be more inclined to control some of your habits that could cause them to stain again. It’s also a well-known fact among dentists that people who invest in teeth whitening tend to have excellent dental hygiene, and good dental hygiene has been linked with good bodily health overall. So if you’ve been trying quit smoking, lessen your caffeine intake, lose weight, or just be healthier in general, start by getting your teeth whitened. Keeping your smile that bright and beautiful may give you the incentive you’ve been looking for.

Teeth Whitening Can Give You Confidence
Teeth age like every other part of your body, but when they turn yellow it can hurt your confidence and cause you to smile less, which can affect you in professional and social interactions. The last thing you want is to go into a job interview and have the head of Human Resources think you’re uninterested in the proceedings merely because you’re afraid to smile. Whitening your teeth can lessen your fears about smiling, and people will be drawn to the confidence your smile exudes.

New Year, New You
The New Year is a great time to get your teeth whitened because chances are you have made a New Years’ resolution. And whether it’s to be more healthy or to find a new job, a brighter smile will give you the confidence to invest in yourself even more, which is the key to getting any good resolution off the ground.

Start 2019 with a big, healthy white smile. Schedule a teeth whitening consultation with SEC Dentistry. We are waiting for your smile to shine as bright as it should! 

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